Ibrahim Keloğlan Kedi Video Twitter

What is Ibrahim KeloğLan Kedi Video Twitter? For what reason is this subject moving? Allow us to peruse insights concerning here.

What is the subtleties Ibrahim Keloğlan Kedi Video Twitter? Who is Ibrahim KeloğLan? For what reason would he say he is moving on the virtual entertainment? What sort of video of Ibrahim is circulating around the web? Why are individuals discussing what Ibrahim did? Individuals from Türkiye and Germany are attempting to find out about Ibrahim Keloglan and need to know the purpose for his activities. Allow us to peruse the article and comprehend.

Ibrahim Keloğlan Kedi Video Twitter

This case has surfaced from Istanbul, where a man had tormented a feline until it kicked the bucket. The demonstration was gotten on camera in light of the fact that a feline was inside the lift, and Ibrahim entered the lift. He saw the feline and began to act savagely and hit the feline. From the outset, the entryway of the lift was shut, and the feline endured 2 to 3 shots.

Before long, the entryway of the lift opened, and the feline got away from the lift. The appropriate video of the entire scene is available on the web. One can see a feline leaving the lift. Nonetheless, the man Ibrahim accomplished something extremely vile after that.

More Subtleties on Ibrahim KeloğLan Kedi Video

According to the further subtleties, when the feline left the lift. Another man was seen entering the lift. In any case, there could be no other film of the episode. Yet again at the same time, it is realized that Ibrahim proceeded to pursue down the feline and hit it. According to the police records, the feline was tormented for something like six minutes by Ibrahim.

Eventually, the feline passed on, and it was outside the B4 complex of the loft. A site chief of the complex, Ebubekir Firat, tracked down the feline’s dead body. He informed the police about the case. From that point forward, he additionally look at the CCTV film of the occurrence.

Additional Data on Ibrahim KeloğLan Kedi Video

Ibrahim is an inhabitant of the condo, and he was getting back after work when the episode occurred. Later, when the site chief documented a grumbling with police specialists, Ibrahim was captured. The case happened around first January 2024. Ibrahim was quickly kept and brought to the court for hearing.

At the consultation, Ibrahim said that he just whipped the feline three to multiple times. That day, he was extremely worried and not in a decent state. He pursued the feline since it harmed him in safeguard. What’s more, in rage, he pursued down the feline. In any case, according to Ibrahim KeloğLan Kedi Video he never intended to kill it.

Extra Subtleties

According to sources, Ibrahim let passes judgment on know that he had petted a feline alongside his significant other. That day, his better half took a pregnancy test, and it returned negative, so she advised him to take on a feline. Nonetheless, he was exceptionally worried by the way that he could never have a child. To that end he marginally took it out on the feline in the lift according to sources. In any case, when the feline pawed at him, Ibrahim lost his faculties and pursued the feline according to sources.


In the present article, we have discussed an occurrence that occurred in Istanbul’s apartment building. In a video of Ibrahim Keloğlan Kedi Video Twitter, a man killed a feline and confined for something like 2 to three years. In the event that you wish to know more subtleties, click here.

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