Killer Whale Kills Trainer 2010 Video

Check the details in the Killer Whale Kills Trainer 2010 Video post that is viral on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter about Tilikum the Orca Attack Footage.

Are you aware of the Killer Whale that killed the trainer? The incident was popular in Thailand, and the viral footage is all over the internet. The killer whale Tilikum the Orca and the incident of 2010 where he killed his long-time trainer is always one of the horrifying incidents from SeaWorld. Let us discuss the news through the post- Killer Whale Kills Trainer 2010 Video.

The details of Killer Whale Kills Trainer 2010 Video:

A professional trainer at SeaWorld, an American theme park, Dawn Brancheau, was seen lying on her face and chatting with Orca on February 24, 2010. This was recorded by one of the tourists who was dining at a nearby restaurant and observing the friendship between the two.

As per Tilikum the Orca Attack Footage 2010, all of a sudden, the bull orca, whose name was Tilikum, pulled the professional Dawn into the water by her ponytail. After this, she received severe spine and broken jaw injuries and was killed by the Killer Whale Kills Trainer 2010 Video. This was one of the deadliest and most violent attacks. Dawn’s scalp and hair were found at the bottom of the pool.

Who was Dawn Brancheau?

As per Twitter, Dawn Brancheau cherished all creatures, but she had a particular bond with the magnificent orcas. Dawn had dedicated her entire life to achieving her dream. She began by studying psychology and animal behaviour in college, and after graduating, she secured a position working with dolphins at a New Jersey attraction.

After two years, as per Telegram, she was hired by SeaWorld, her dream job. The forty-year-old Dawn had been working with orcas at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, for fifteen years, fulfilling her dream job. With Tilikum, one of the biggest Orcas of SeaWorld, she has a special relationship. According to one Youtube interview, a senior trainer at SeaWorld said the bond was based on love and trust. He continued, we never know why Tilikum decided to pull and kill her when known they both loved each other.

Aftermath of the incident- Instagram news:

As per the news, Dawn was badly ripped off and suffered several injuries. Other trainers tried to lure Tilikum to move away from Dawn by offering food and nets. But even though she was dead, Tilikum refused to let her go and kept her body in the pool with him for forty-five minutes. Her official cause of death was drowning with blunt force injuries. As per Telegram news, after Dawn’s death, the killer Orca spent days in a pool that was not open for public visit. Sadly, before he attacked Dawn, between 1991 and 2010, the Orca Tilikum was known to cause the death of three other trainers. It is also filmed in the 2013 film Blackfish. As per Instagram reports, Tilikum remained in SeaWorld from 1992 to 2017. In 2017, Tilikum died.

In March 2016, SeaWorld declared that it was discontinuing both its theatrical shows and its orca breeding program, as per Twitter. But orca-themed theatre productions are still going on as of 2020 Wikipedia news.

Orca, the largest dolphin in the oceanic dolphin family, is the toothed whale, also known as the killer whale. In the genus Orcinus, it is the sole surviving species. Orcas are distinguished by their bodies with patterns of black and white. Orcas are a worldwide species that can be found in a variety of marine habitats, including tropical seas, the Arctic, and the Antarctic.

Tilikum the Orca Attack Footage 2010 is viral on several media and named one of the deadliest attacks.

About SeaWorld theme park:

American chain of theme park SeaWorld’s main headquarters is in Orlando, Florida. It is the owner of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s marine mammal parks, oceanariums, animal theme parks, and rehabilitation facilities. The parks have dolphin, sea lion, and Orca shows in addition to zoological exhibits with a variety of other marine animals.

A Tiktok video shows a record of several incidents in SeaWorld caused by Orca. Other locations of the SeaWorld chain are San Diego, California; San Antonio, Texas; and Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Dawn was an excellent professional trainer who was unaware of the dangers of working with Orcas. She had always loved Orcas before her tragic death. You can check the Youtube video of the several attack incidents caused by Killer Whale here.

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