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Luiza Trajano Donato, the one who established the Magazine Luiza stores, died in Franca, São Paulo, at 97 years old. She was the auntie of Luiza Helena Trajano, who is the ongoing proprietor of the organization.

Her memorial service and entombment will happen in France at 4 pm at Cemitério da Saudade. In memory of Luiza Trajano Donato, the stores in Franca will be shut today.

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The Luiza Trajano Donato Wikipedia

Luiza Trajano Donato, known as “Tia Luiza,” was brought into the world on September 20, 1926, in a group of businesspeople. In those days, ladies were typically expected to zero in on home and family, however Luiza had a fantasy to turn into a business visionary. At the point when she was 31 and recently wedded to Pellegrino José Donato, she involved her reserve funds from working in retail to get her shop.

Initially called Cristaleira, it became known as Magazine Luiza on the grounds that she was known as the best sales rep in France. She was focused and thought often profoundly about her clients, regarding every one as remarkable. Today, Magalu, as it’s called, has north of 30,000 workers.

Who is Luiza Helena Trajano inácio Rodrigues?

Luiza Trajano’s way to turning into the head of Magazine Luiza started with diligence, difficult work, and insightful direction. Subsequent to acquiring her regulation degree in 1972, she worked for her auntie at her unimposing France, São Paulo store, dealing with money and selling stock prior to taking over as chief.

Under her authority, the store developed to become one of Brazil’s biggest corporate store, matching notable brands like Casas Bahia and Ponto Frio. What is significantly more noteworthy is that Luiza rushed to take on groundbreaking thoughts and innovation, becoming perhaps the earliest store in the country to sell items on the web.

The Subtleties of Luiza Helena Trajano Magazine Luiza

Magalu, otherwise called Magazine Luiza, is a Brazilian retail organization that was established in 1957 by Pellegrino José Donato and Luiza Trajano in Franca. With more than 1,481 stores in 21 states and 819 urban areas all through Brazil, the organization’s plan of action joins online deals with actual stores.
Frederico Trajano, the child of Luiza Helena Trajano, has driven the organization’s computerized change since January 2016, and Magazine Luiza had its greatest year to date in 2017.

The Magazine Luiza has likewise been perceived as the world’s best entertainer as far as yielding returns for investors from 2016 to 2020, as per a Boston Counseling Gathering survey.

What is Luiza Trajano Donato Idade?

The organization’s maker, Luiza Trajano Donato Wikipedia, was brought into the world in Franca, São Paulo, and kicked the bucket there at 97 years old. Her auntie, Luiza Helena Trajano, is the ongoing President of the organization. At 31 years old, she purchased a present shop in Franca called Cristaleira with cash she saved from working in retail; the store in the long run became known as Magazine Luiza, because of her persistent effort and devotion.


The organizer behind Magazine Luiza, Luiza Trajano Donato, died right off the bat Monday in France at 97 years old. Her demise was credited to normal causes at home. The power source that conveyed Luiza’s magazines shut on Monday. You might search for more data on Luiza Trajano Donato Wikipedia here.

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