Oguz Erge Video Leaked On Twitter

The article will give subtleties on Oguz Erge Video Leaked On Twitter and the accessibility of Taksici film on Facebook.

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Have you known about the new occurrence where a cabbie was shot dead? The episode has stunned individuals of Turkiye and Germany, and they are anxious to realize about the killing that ended the existence of the cab driver.

In this article, we will discuss Oguz Erge Video Leaked On Twitter and give more subtleties on the whole episode. Remain tuned to the article to know more.

Subtleties of Oguz Erge Video Leaked On Twitter

Oguz Erge, a 44-year-old cabbie, was shot dead by a 19-year-old kid when he was given a lift from the driver. The episode occurred in Turkey, and the young fellow got some information about the expense of the street. Before Oguz could express a word, he took out his firearm and fired him multiple times.

Individuals were looking for the Taksici OğUz Erge Video online to see if the shooting video was caught in the vehicle’s CCTV. The video shows the little fellow professing to request cash and wryly saying the expense of the outing himself.

Taksici OğUz Erge Video

The harmed cabbie was hurried to the medical clinic, where he surrendered to his wounds. The authorities then, at that point, got to be aware of the occurrence, and they arrived at the spot to figure out more about the little fellow. A few surveillance cameras were set up in the territory, and afterward they had the option to track down the young fellow.

The OğUz Erge Facebook cut accumulated a lot of consideration from individuals since a portion of the video cuts were transferred on the web. The recording shows the driver conversing with the little fellow while he was covered, and he unexpectedly took out the gun, fired him, and looked for cash.

OğUz Erge Facebook Film

The video shows the 44-year-elderly person asking the little fellow about for what reason he was wearing the veil, to which the young man answered that he was wiped out. The driver further said that nobody would give him a lift assuming he wore a cover as that represented an extreme danger. Yet, as it was cold, he gave him a lift.

The Taksici OğUz Erge Video stunned individuals who went over the whole film of the merciless killing. It obviously shows that the little fellow was a hoodlum, and his main rationale was to take cash and different effects and take off.

Is the viral film accessible on the web?

The OğUz Erge Facebook film is accessible on Twitter and different stages, yet we can’t post such connections because of delicate substance. The whole episode is caught on CCTV, and we can see that after the occurrence, numerous bystanders came by the vehicle and came to help the driver. They took him to the clinic, yet they couldn’t save him, and in the wake of battling for three hours, he passed on.


The Oguz Erge Video Leaked On Twitter has turned into a subject of conversation among individuals, and they are crushed to find the video flowing on the web. Nobody is familiar with the genuine purpose for the killing. The people who are keen on realizing about the occurrence can learn about it on internet based sites.

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