Poonam Pandey Funeral Photos

This article will illuminate the peruser about Poonam Pandey Funeral Photos, Passing Phony dubious Video, and Wiki Memoir.

Disclaimer-We don’t plan to stigmatize any individual or their families. This article is for educational information with refreshes accessible from legitimate Web sources.

Did you catch wind of the passing of Poonam Pandey? Individuals from India are stunned subsequent to getting the passing fresh insight about Poonam Pandey. Certain individuals accept that she is now dead, however others have various suppositions about it.

Thus, in this article, we will examine Poonam Pandey Funeral Photos alongside all the connected data about her.

Is Poonam Pandey Funeral Photos Genuine?

At the point when the fresh insight about Poonam Pandey’s passing was coursed on the person to person communication site, it acquired a great deal of consideration from residents of India, including powerhouses and big names. A few irregular pages began to post burial service photographs interfacing the name with Poonam. As a general rule, there are no updates about Poonam’s memorial service or tribute. Every one of the photos rode on the web professing to be from Poonam’s memorial service are phony.

Was Poonam Pandey Passing Phony?

Individuals think she isn’t dead as there is no hint of her demise separated from the authority Insta post. Netizens are asking how out of nowhere she can be dead and where her body is. The reason for Poonam’s demise was cervical disease, yet individuals are addressing on the off chance that she was in a terrible condition, how two days before she went to a party.

Poonam Pandey Passing Phony news has begun a few discussions about her folks and kin. Her sister was the person who illuminated Poonam’s PR group that Poonam had lost her life. Subsequent to announcing the news, Poonam’s family was not reachable, which intrigued individuals to uncover this case. Certain individuals think her family is being clandestine and cervical malignant growth is only a phony motivation to conceal what is happening.

Party Poonam Pandey Demise Video Data

Kamaal R Khan, famously known as KRK, has likewise posted a video of Poonam at the party. At the party, she appeared to be content and getting a charge out of, which made individuals more dubious about her passing. Before long, he posted one more video with the subtitle guaranteeing that Poonam’s demise news was an exposure stunt since she was all fine and there was no sign that she was experiencing a lethal condition.

Poonam Pandey Funeral Photos Demise Video likewise got a remark from Rozlyn Khan, who is a malignant growth survivor herself. She wrote in the remarks that she conversed with her PCP about Poonama’s case, and her primary care physician said that nobody with such a basic condition in the last stage could sit and giggle (Bringing up the circumstance from the party video). Afterward, she made a story update about this case appears to be a phony one.


On the authority Wikipedia page, Poonam Pandey Wiki Memoir has been refreshed with his demise date, which some way or another demonstrates that she is dead, yet there are many free bunches to demonstrate her passing.

Do you suppose this is an exposure stunt? Tell us your viewpoint about the case in the remarks beneath.

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