Ria Ricis Cerai Pengadilan Agama

In this article, you will find out about Ria Ricis Cerai Pengadilan Agama. Sympathetically go through the post to find out about Apakah Ria Ricis Pisah Dengan Suami and Ria Ricis Menikah Kapan.

Disclaimer: We have gathered the data from various internet based sites. The data on separation will be affirmed after the separation claim begins in February.

Could it be said that you are a devotee of Ria Ricis? Do you realize about her separation bits of gossip? Ria Ricis Cerai Pengadilan Agama is a moving insight about separate between Ria Ricis and her better half. The couple from Indonesia is extremely famous via web-based entertainment. After their separation bits of gossip began spreading on the web, a significant number of their fans began looking for the explanation for their separation all around the web. Here, we will give you every one of the insights concerning the separation between Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan.

Ria Ricis Cerai Pengadilan Agama

Ria Ricis is moving after her separation reports began flowing all once again the web. Ria Ricis sealed the deal with Teuku Ryan on 12 November 2021. The couple are going towards separate from following two years of their marriage. At the point when their separation tales came to spotlight a large number of their fans were stunned as they are an extremely renowned couple in Indonesia. The explanation for their separation isn’t uncovered at this point. The main thing that is disclosed as the explanation is that several has a youngster so the kid needs legitimate consideration and costs. This was the explanation uncovered by the Dad advertising Taslimah.

Apakah Ria Ricis Pisah Dengan Suami

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan secured the bunch in a rich inn. They got hitched on 21 November 2021 in an extravagant style. Their wedding service occurred in Intercontinental Pondok Indah Inn, South Jakarta which was additionally live transmission on TV. The marriage watchman of Ria Ricis was Deddy Mizwar. Their marriage was seen by Ridwan Kamil and Ustaz Adi Hidayayat. Apakah Ria Ricis Pisah Dengan Suami has numerous wonderful minutes. The couple are adulated by a great many individuals all over the planet. After their gossipy tidbits about separate became famous online their fans began looking for the explanation. In any case, not a great explanation has been tracked down till now.

Ria Ricis Menikah Kapan

Ria Ricis Cerai Pengadilan Agama and Teuku Ryan have recorded separate yet the separation claim will begin from 19 February 2024. The gossipy tidbits about separate from began getting out after the word of their break in marriage emerged. According to the internet based reports, there are a few purposes for their detachment. In any case, the specific justification for their partition isn’t known at this point. We will illuminate you with the subtleties when they are delivered. On 30 January 2024, Ria Ricis documented the suit at the South Jakarta strict court.


Wrapping up this post here on Ria Ricis Menikah Kapan, Ria Ricis is a notable powerhouse who got hitched to Teuku Ryan in 2021. Two or three has been addressed by their fans after their separation tales came to the spotlight. The purpose for their separation isn’t known at this point. Just the bits of gossip about their separation have been spreading and they have not separated at this point. There is no great explanation uncovered for their separation. You can visit this connect to learn more subtleties on Ria Ricis.

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