Evelyn Hernandez Missing

The post examines Evelyn Hernandez Missing case with the reference to Laci Peterson exhaustively. In any case, recall the missing instance of Evelyn Hernandez and her five-year-old child from the US? Do you have any hint what befell Evelyn Hernandez and her child on May 1, 2002? Do you have at least some idea how a pregnant mother and her child vanished? On the off chance that you know nothing about this secretive case, this article will stun you and make you ponder how a blissful family vanished and why.

This whole story of the vanishing and her child vanishing will stun you. Thus, read the Evelyn Hernandez Missing post till the end.

What occurred in Evelyn Hernandez Missing case?

Evelyn Hernandez was 14 when she relocated from El Salvador to the US to live with her mom. She was carrying on with her cheerful existence with her five-year-old kid Alexis. Hernandez was carrying on with a cheerful life, and she was pregnant with her second youngster when the fresh insight about missing her and her child became known.

As indicated by the reports, Evelyn Hernandez left her loft on May 1, 2002, to get her child from the Mission Region preschool. Evelyn Hernandez was 24 years of age and chipped in her child’s preschool and as a parttime medical caretaker. She is a solitary, cherishing mother to her child and pregnant with her subsequent child, however out of nowhere, she disappeared only five days before her subsequent child shower.

The sources uncovered that Evelyn Hernandez Laci Peterson had a typical call with her sister Herman Agularia on April 30, on which she examined her child shower. Evelyn Hernandez was arranging her subsequent child, named Fernando. Be that as it may, she disappeared only five days before her subsequent child shower.

Further insights concerning Evelyn Hernandez’s missing case

The sources uncovered that Evelyn Hernandez went to get her child Alexis from his preschool on May 1, 2002, and halted at an ATM to store a few cases. This is the last time when somebody saw them. While her missing report was documented, police figured Evelyn Hernandez could have gone for some confidential child shower function. Nonetheless, when she didn’t show up for a couple of days, police began looking for her.

What did the police do in the Evelyn Hernandez Missing case?

As indicated by the police, they at first figured Evelyn could have gone for a confidential child shower service. Be that as it may, when, on May 7, Aguilera documented her missing report at the police headquarters, they began searching for Evelyn and her five-year-old child.

In the examination, police found that Hernandez’s last call was to her family when she was at her child’s school. From that point forward, she hasn’t reached anybody and has disappeared. En route to me, she sped and quit saving money.

Following a couple of days, police found the wallet of Hernandez in the stopping of South San Francisco with a handicap check. Notwithstanding, in July, police tracked down the deteriorated group of Hernandez from the Cove Scaffold, however Evelyn Hernandez Laci Peterson stays strange. The DNA affirmed that she is Evelyn Hernandez, who was missing from May 1 to May 1, 2020, yet her child Alexis actually hasn’t been found. For additional subtleties, you can look at the virtual entertainment joins beneath.


On May 1 May 1, 2020, Evelyn Hernandez disappeared. Her disintegrated body was tracked down on Sound Extension in July, yet her five-year-old child actually wasn’t found.
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