Kirit Somaiya Original Video Leaked On Twitter: Viral Mms, Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram Details!

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Are you familiar with Kirit Somaiya? Would you like to know how he started to come up in conversations these days? One of his videos—which contained 18+—was released. Not just you, but many others from France, the Netherlands, India, and the United Arab Emirates also want to know if the video is real or not.

All of the information regarding this video currently available on Twitter is provided in this article on Kirit Somaiya Original Video Leaked on Twitter.

Kirit Somaiya Original Video Leaked on Twitter

A senior Mumbai law enforcement officer has stated that a 18+ video purporting to be of BJP member Kirit Somaiya seems official. The inquiry is still on.

A senior Mumbai police official stated on Wednesday that the Kirit Somaiya Viral Video clip, which featured BJP politician Kirit Somaiya, seemed natural nine days after it was broadcast on a Marathi news station.

Video Verification Awaiting Forensic Confirmation

After a cursory examination, we discovered that the footage clip was not altered. It hasn’t, however, been forwarded to the Kalina forensic medicine lab to determine whether or not it is authentic. Thus, it is impossible to determine whether the YouTube video was altered or authentic, according to the IPS officer with knowledge of the inquiry.

Political Scandal: Accused Former MP

A political uproar was sparked on July 17 when the news station aired the former Mumbai North-East MP’s footage. The following day, after Ambadas Danve, the leader of the opposition in the legislature, gave the person in charge a pen drive with eight videos, home secretary Devendra Fadnavis requested a police investigation. Kirit Somaiya Video Mms, Danve said that Somaiya had used coercion and extortion to get the women in the recordings to do anything for him brutally.

Mumbai Crime Branch Assumes Authority

The tenth unit of the Mumbai criminal branch was given charge of the probe into the lewd video recordings after Fadnavis’s declaration, according to police officials. In an Instagram Clip, they claimed that the crime section subsequently contacted the television outlet and asked them for the video.

Somaiya, a crusader against corruption

As per a TikTok clip after the illicit video came out, Somaiya, who has made a name for himself as Mumbai’s corruption prevention crusader by leading vocal campaigns contrary to former and current lawmakers such as Ajit Pawar, Anil Parab, Uddhav Thackeray, Chhagan Bhujbal, and Hasan Mushrif, discovered himself alone.

FIR against the Head of the News Channel

The Mumbai police have filed a formal complaint (FIR) against the head editor of a local television channel and a journalist for allegedly sending out graphically explicit material related to the alleged film case of Kirit Somaiya. According to the Telegram video, the chief editor, Kamlesh Sutar, stated that concerns will still be raised while working with the authorities.


The purported Kirit Somaiya Original Video Leaked on Twitter has sparked debate and prompted a police inquiry. Forensic verification is still ongoing despite preliminary signs of legitimacy. Serious allegations against the former MP have sparked a political scandal. The chief of the news channel is being investigated, and Mumbai Crime Branch is handling the case.

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